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Did you know:

Mustad was the first company to industrialize fish hook production in 1877.


In Autoline fishing the fish is taken onboard the vessel one at a time. This enables the fishermen to give the fish adequate handling, securing the quality of the fish. One of their main operations is bleeding and gutting the fish. Without proper bleeding of the fish, the white fish flesh becomes red and less appealing to the consumer. Proper bleeding can only be done as long as the fish is alive.


Firmer filet

Compared to other forms of fishing, fish taken by longline is not exposed to hard mechanical stress during handling. This results a firmer filet, where the structure of the muscle is intact. Longline fishing causes a stress response in fish. However, stress had no effect on the flesh quality.


Tasty cod

The Culinary Institute of Norway evaluated the quality of longline and trawled cod. They judged longline cod to be significantly better than the trawled cod.


Increased quality-conscious

Increased quality-conscious among customers require traceability of the high quality line caught fish. The whole supply chain is aware of this issue and they work to implement tracking of all handling.



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