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About us

Mustad Longline develops and supplies technology to the world’s line fishing fleet. Read more »

Did you know:

Mustad industrialized the world’s longlining fleet with the Autoline™ technology in 1978.

About us

Since 1877, Mustad has been famous for their fishhooks, which continues to be used in 180 countries. Mustad Autoline AS develops and supplies technology and mechanized systems for longline fishing, - Mustad Autoline Systems.

Market leader world wide

Mustad Autoline is market leader in its global niche and supplies the longline fleet all over the world. Russia, USA, Iceland, Faroe, Greenland, Spain, France, Chile, Argentina, Korea, New Zealand and Australia are our main markets, -together with Norway.


Our headquarter and factory

Our headquarters and factory, with 35 employees, are located in Norway - the natural center for fishing and fishing related industries in Northern Europe. In addition to our sales offices in Aalesund - Norway, and Seattle - USA, we have a dedicated distribution and agent network in all main markets. 


LEAN manufacturing

Mustad Autoline AS is also a part of NCE Raufoss, an industrial cluster focusing on LEAN production philosophies.


Knowhow, reseach and development

Based on experience, knowledge and tradition we develop solutions that are innovative and durable even in the roughest conditions. We work closely with our customers in R&D, engineering and service throughout the solutions life time. We strive to learn from our customers to better understand the longline fisheries and the day to day tasks to be able to deliver integrated solutions that improve the longline fishing.



Mustad is a 6th generation family company. The name Mustad is the main pillar of our indentity and we want to live up to the tradition and identity associated with this brand. At the same time Mustad Autoline focuses on close contact with the market, good communication and product training, contact management and technical support. We are an innovative and forward-looking organization, and this affects our products, services, business culture and our interaction with our stakeholders; customers, suppliers, partners and our local community.


Eurostars status

Mustad Autoline AS has twice (2010 and 2011) been granted the Eurostars status. Eurostars is the European Unions “champions league” for innovative companies, applicable for small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs). In 2007 and 2011 Mustad Longline had projects approved by the Norwegian Research Council innovations program (BIA). In 2008 the company was awarded the Dagens Næringsliv’s “Gaselle prize” for rapid and profitable growth, and in 2013 we received an innovation award for the Autoline SelectFish System at Itechmer in France.


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