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Mustad Autoline teams up with Havservice Ålesund 

Mustad Autoline raise the stakes in the Norwegian market with Havservice Ålesund on the team. Wednesday 10.14. both parties came to an agreement and Havservice Ålesund will be a part of Mustad Autoline from 1 January 2016.

Havservice lesund 1 kuttet 

From the left: Arild Mathisen, Purchasing Manager Havservice Ålesund, Cathrin Natvik and Svein Erik Bakke Mustad Autoline AS, Roy Gustav Hunskår and Marianne Rognan respectively Sales Manager and General Manager of Havservice Ålesund AS.

Havservice Ålesund, which today has its headquarters and warehouse at Ellingsøya in Ålesund and one department in Båtsfjord, is supplying the Norwegian coastal fishing fleet with ropes and hooks, pots, workwear and other deck equipment. From New Year they will, In addition to the existing product portfolio, also represent Mustad Autoline with their entire product range for the coastal fleet. The change will not otherwise affect the daily operations of Havservice Ålesund AS. Both departments will consist and the staff will remain the same.
 "We do this above all in order to serve our Norwegian customers even better" says Anders Frisinger, CEO of Mustad Autoline. He is very happy to get Havservice Ålesund on the team. "We intend to increase the presence and get closer cooperation with our customers. This is also an important strategic investment for Mustad Autoline. We recruit competent and skilled employees, expands the product range and get a bigger foothold in the Norwegian coastal fishing market. "
"It is with pride and joy we continue to work with an actor like Mustad Autoline. Together we will continue to strengthen and improve our services for our customers in the Norwegian market "says Roy Gustav Hunskår, sales manager and former co-owner of Havservice Ålesund. 


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