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Autolining is an environmentally friendly catching method which also preserves the quality of the fish.
We in Mustad Autoline are continuously working on new and innovative solutions, so that more fish can be caught by hook and line.

Did you know:

Mustad was the first company to industrialize fish hook production in 1877.

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PrvefiskeMustad Longline nominated for innovation prize

Mustad Longline received the news on August 31st. that they have been nominated for the Norwegian Research Council's innovation prize. The short text from the NRC reads as follows;

"Mustad Longline AS manufactures and sells machanized equipment for the global longline fleet. Through their R&D work, the company is involved in developing new and sustainable catch methods. The results from the company's R&D has contributed to the first environmental sertification of longlining for the atlantic cod."

We are very proud to have received such nomination, and it inspires us to further explore the opportunities which innovation gives.

See the NRC link:

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