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Autolining is an environmentally friendly catching method which also preserves the quality of the fish.
We in Mustad Autoline are continuously working on new and innovative solutions, so that more fish can be caught by hook and line.

Did you know:

In some markets Mustad is in fact the word used for a fish hook.

The Norwegian super longliner M/S Froyanes completed

The Norwegian vessel M/S Froyanes, the largest (60 x 14m) and most environmental friendly longliner in the world, set off to the Barents sea in October. Mustad Longline worked with the management since the planning of the project and has supplied its most advanced autoline-system. The result is a maximum and cost effective fishing capacity combined with good health and safety measures.

We congratulate Ervik Havfiske and wish them good luck on the fishing grounds!

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