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Most of today’s bottom fishing longline fleet is using Mustad Autoline ™ technology. With more than 700 installations and a global service network, we offer the best guaranty of a profitable and safe longline operation. 

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Did you know:

Mustad was the first company to industrialize fish hook production in 1877.

Mustad Autoline DeepSea™ System

Latest generation Mustad Autoline System mostly installed on vessels of 70 feet and longer, typically aiming at setting and hauling 30 - 65 000 hooks daily on distant fishing grounds.

Mustad Autoline Coastal™ System

Provides strong and proven solutions for vessels from approx. 35 feet, depending on the stability and deck space onboard, setting and hauling 8 - 25 000 hooks in in-shore and often rocky sea-beds.

Mustad Autoline SelectFish™ System

A new and flexible drum based system with an easy snap on and snap off technology. Setting and hauling 8 - 16 000 hooks in in-shore and often rocky sea-beds.

Hooks and RotoLine

We do not rest on historic glory in hook manufacturing and swivel gear development. We still work hard to invent and supply the best gear for every longline purpose.

Spare parts

Our ambition is to deliver common spare parts to any fishing port world wide within 7 days.

Testing new equipment

Service & training

Contact us for service assignment, installation support or training seminars.


Reducing the whales interactions with the fishing gear during hauling.

SeaBird Saver™

The first effective solution, patented for the commercial fishing fleet, designed to keep seabirds at distance from fishing activities in an effective and animal friendly way.

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