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We do not rest on historic glory in hook manufacturing and swivel gear development. We still work hard to invent and supply the best gear for every longline purpose.

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Did you know:

Mustad established methods of international marketing in the 1920’ies – a long time before this was a subject in school.


The rigors of of ocean fishing demand special tools. In countries all over the world, Generations of dependable duty have helped Mustad salt water hooks mean real value in any language.  

Specifically developed for our Autoline™ technology

Our different EZ baiter and circle hooks are specifically developed for the Mustad Autoline™ technology, and are all formed from strong high carbon steel, then specially tempered to bend without breaking - all to endure when others fail. Precision baiting, sharpness, strength, flexibility and corrosion resistance are the key factors in making the best hooks for autolining. 



Mustad Autoline introduced the RotoLine on the world market in the 1970s parallel with the lauch of Mustad Autoline Systems. Based on more than 40 years of experience and unique knowledge of both quality and durability, we offer a range of lines optimal for Autoline Fishing.

21 td black 11 hvit bak 15cm


the high quality of this RotoLine is based on experience and research on coiling. The ultimate combination of the right materials and production method result in unique coiling characteristics. 

High quality swivels

The swivels and all other metal parts are made of 100% stainless steel marine grade material to prevent rust and provide high breaking strength. the specially designed profiles on the stoppers gives significantly higher strength and prevents the stoppers to slide on the line. 

T&D RotoLine

The T&D RotoLine is made of Terylene and Danline with stainless steel swivels, and is used for deep sea fishing.

Integrated RotoLine

The integrated weighted line is made of Terylene and Danline with stainless steel swivels.

The lines can be delivered with different spacing between the swivels upon request.




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