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Mustad Autoline SelectFish™ System

A new and flexible drum based system with an easy snap on and snap off technology. Setting and hauling 8 - 16 000 hooks in in-shore and often rocky sea-beds.

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Did you know:

Autoline™ is, besides being a system developed by Mustad, also an established general term signifying all deep-sea longline vessels.

Autoline™ SelectFish System

A new and innovative system which can combine different gear types depending on seasons and fishing grounds. Autoline SelectFish™ can be adapted to help any longline fishery in the world becoming more efficient. 


Ideal for small vessels

Mustad Autoline has developed a state of the art AutoLine™ system designed to fill the needs of vessels from 35 to 100 feet, the new compact Autoline SelectFish™ system. Only 3 persons are needed to be able to operate the full Autoline SelectFish™ system. The lines are stored directly on the drums which makes it space efficient and eliminates the problems with tangling of lines and snoods. 


Monofilament and polyester lines

The Autoline™ SelectFish system can automatically operate monofilament lines down to ø 3 mm (0,12") or polyester lines up to ø5,5 mm (0.22"). This makes the SelectFish™ system very flexible and selective gear can easily be applied according to season and other conditions. The snooded hooks are automatically attached to and detached from the mainline by a plastic ball and clip. The snooded hooks with clips are stored on separate magazines for easy handling and storage while the mainline is spooled onto space saving drums.


 The system is presently in use in Norway, but we are expanding to international markets from 2013. Do not hesitate to contact us for enquiries regarding the product or market opportunities.


Mustad Autoline reserve themselves against any printing errors and make reservation for changes in the instructions, specifications and designs. The contents are indicative information. 



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