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Did you know:

The fish hook production technology developed by Mathias Topp in 1877 is still the most efficient world wide.

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Service & training

Mustad Autoline provides service and service inspections, new system and component installations, as well as training courses. Training courses are held on request.

If you have any questions regarding support, booking of service assignments or customized training courses please contact our service department by e-mail or phone

Mustad Autoline™ Training Courses  

Increase your skills and maximize the effectiveness of your Mustad Autoline™ System. Together with the highly trained personnel at Mustad Autoline engineering and service department you will get:

  • Knowledge of the maintenance of your system
  • Training to spot and assess worn parts
  • Practical training in replacement of wear parts
  • Latest updates of new solutions and upgrades

Mustad Autoline™ Service Agreement

Assure your equipment is running at peak performance with a Mustad Autoline™ Service Agreement. 

Proper and preventative maintenance is the key to longterm and stable operation of your equipment. Adjustments or replacements of worn parts is crucial to the efficiency and affects the bottom line. 

With a Mustad Autoline™ Service Agreement, one of our technical supervisors inspects and evaluates the condition of your Mustad Autoline equipment. You will at all times know the status of your equipment and be able to plan for and perform necessary maintenance. 

In addition you get a special discount on spare parts and service hours. 

The long-term effect of signing a service agreement is, in most cases, reduced maintenance costs. 

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