Corporate Environmental Policy

Active focus on environmental performance every day

Mustad Autoline aim to be in the forefront of environmental improvements

Our focus areas:

  • We work continuously to improve the design of our systems to minimize environmental footprint
  • Identifying environmental factors that are influenced by our contribution to the value chain
  • Continuously improving/reducing energy consumption
  • Continuously improving the recycling rate

We supply products to one of the most sustainable fisheries in the world. From the development stage all the way through to customer delivery, we strive to minimize our carbon footprint with a long-term goal of zero percent.

Active focus on environmental performance every day

  • All scrap, oils and liquids from the production are all recycled in closed circuits.
  • All materials that can be recycle are sorted and recycled.
  • Mustad Autoline use local suppliers contributing to less transport of goods and reduced emissions to the environment.
  • Use of thermal heating at Mustad Autoline Headquarters and production facilities
  • R & D engineer team continue improving our overall products to minimize our environmental impact.