Testimonials Mustad Autoline Coastal™ System

Mustad Autoline Coastal system with HandyMag™ storage system

Gemini I

The fisherman Morten Gressmyr from Vadsø in Norway chose to invest in an Autoline system despite the small space on board. The boat “Gemini”, a 35 footer previously fishing with gillnets, is now equipped with a new automated longline system. The equipment, a Coastal HandyMag system from
Mustad Autoline, was installed and tested at the end of February 2014. Gressmyr is very pleased with both the equipment and the catch.
- We have the capacity to set and haul 7,000 hooks per day. To begin with, we operate with a crew of two to three people, but as we incorporate best practices we reduce to a crew of two people on board. Coastal HandyMag storage system is designed to fit on smaller boats from approx. 30 feet / 9 - 10m. Hooks and line are stored on one meter magazines, and are manually retrieved in setting or hauling position. The system is convenient and easy to operate and requires limited space on board the boat. - In short periods we fish for crab, and the Autoline system is installed in such a way that it is easy to rig the boat and change to other fisheries such as crab fishing. 

Easy to sell and better price Even in times when prices are low and there is a lot of fish on the market it is easy to sell line-caught fish and we get 20 - 30% more per kg. - We fish haddock, halibut, catfish and bream in addition to cod. With the new equipment on board, we will fish with longline throughout the year, says Gressmyr and is optimistic about his future as an Autoline fisherman.
Morten Gressmyr, Vadsø