MA HH 3200 SuperHauler


A compact and silent high-pressure hydraulic line hauler, horizontally mounted for better visibility and optimal pull force

  • Diameter on sheaves – 600mm
  • Heavy-duty stainless steel
  • 1,7 ton pull on the sheaves (3750lbs)
  • Top speed 150m/min (500fpm)
  • 3,2-ton pull on the capstan (7000lbs)
  • Hydraulic Motor: Radial Piston stainless steel axle
  • Easy to operate, low maintenance
  • Standardised for 7 - 12mm line. Other diameters are optional.

Since approximately 80% of the time is used for hauling on board an Autoline vessel, efficient equipment is key to increased profits.

Large sheaves reduce wear and tear on the line while also significantly improving grip of the line. The hauler is directly powered by a radial piston motor with a stainless steel shaft.

The recommended solution is a complete hauling station with SuperHauler™ MA HH 3200, MA RC RotoCleaner, MA LR LineRetriever and computerised MA LC LineController.

The hauling unit can also be supplied as a stand-alone unit, and controlled manually by a valve at the rail.