MA HV 200 Hauling unit


The hauler is developed as a part of a Mustad Autoline system, it can also be used as a stand-alone unit.

Complete with hook cleaner and rail roller

The hauling station is delivered complete with hook cleaner and rail roller. The rail roller, with Ø 219,1 / 9” and roller bearing, can be adjusted in an angle up to 120˚. The rail roller section is hinged, and may be tilted inwards when not in use. 

  • Efficient guidance of hooks onto the back of the sheaves by a set of magnets.
  • Delivered with a OMTW-500 EMD motor with speed sensor as standard. 

Optional hook cleaning system:

  • Hook cleaner with four rotating brushes
  • Hook cleaner with three pairs of fixed brushes 

An example of a typical deck arrangement on a coastal system: 

201 Deck Arrangement
201 Deck Arrangement

Health and safety

Caution by rail roller, hook cleaner, line hauler, funnels and pulleys is required due to unprotected hooks. Keep hands and fingers off moving parts!