MA BM 6000 SuperBaiter


The MA BM 6000 SuperBaiter is designed as a part of the Mustad Autoline DeepSea System. Performance without compromise, - each detail is designed to make the baiting process even more accurate at high speed, - and still simple to operate.

Precision baiting

At up to six hooks per second the MA BM 6000 SuperBaiter automatically cuts the bait at a pre-set size and baits the hooks consistently at a speed of up to 360 hooks per minute.
When the first buoys and anchors are launched, the hooks and line are pulled from the storage magazines through the baiting machine and over the stern. Setting speed can vary between 6 to 10 knots (3-6 hooks per second depending on the spacing between the hooks).The bait is placed on a spiked conveyor chain that feeds it into the machine where the hooks trigger a knife to cut the bait. With the patented RotoBaiter function the bait is double crouched and secures accurate baiting of hooks passing through the SuperBaiter. The SuperBaiter is operated by one crewmember who feeds the bait onto the conveyor chain.

  • Setting speed, 6 – 10 knots in high seas
  • Baiting up to 6 hooks per second - RotoBaiter system
  • Reduced shooting time by approx. 20%
  • Compatible for Circle, EZ baiter and Offset hooks
  • Error search via satellite if connected to LineController
  • Upgrade with LineSetter

Servicecontroller Sinamics System

  • Touch panel with easy operation, error codes shows in the display
  • Approx. 20 % increased force on the knife standard (compared to previous version)
  • “Heavy Duty” function on the touch panel for additional knife force increase in periods
  • Possibility to pre-program baiting of every seccond hook and up to every tenth hook if desired


We upgraded to SuperBaiter, and now we set 20 more lines pr day, which means 500 kilos more fish in the same period of time. Over the last years it has proven very reliable, resulting in less maintenance and reduced spare part usage.

Mr. Vidar Alnes Owner and Captain, M/S Nesbakk

The SuperBaiter makes the bating much more stable. The baits are all equal size and the baiting percentage is way up - even in bad weather. There are less stops and my setting speed has increased with 1.5 knots, resulting in 4000 more hooks in the water each day. It has also resulted in much lower maintenance - both in time and spare parts.

Mr. Arild Holmeset Chief Engineer and Owner, F/L Geir