MA HS 500 HookSeparator

A light weight HookSeparator for automatic re-racking of hooks and line; Weight 120 kg / 265lbs

Key Features

  • Weight: 120 kg / 265 lbs
  • Height: 1670 mm
  • Hauling Power: Adjustable
  • Hauling Speed: Recommended working speed up to 60m/min
  • Sheave Diameter: 315 mm
  • Oil Flow Rate: 16 l/min
  • Power Supply: Hydraulic
  • Line diameter: 5,5mm - 9mm

Key Information

  • Baits up to 6 hooks per second
  • High baiting precision
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Simple adjustment to desired bait size
  • Easy troubleshooting
  • Compatible for circle, EZ baiter and offset hooks
  • Patented RotoBait™ system

Product Information

Automatic re-racking of hooks and line for vessels from approx. 30 feet

  • Designed to work with Mustad Autoline Coastal System
  • Works perfectly with both MA MPM MagPacker and HandyMag storage magazines
  • Adaptable to the vessels existing hydraulic system
  • Works with hooks 11/0 – 12/0 EZ #39975 and 12/0 #40 000

Main function

The main function of the hook separator is to separate the hooks from the mainline and guide them onto the storage magazines.This is done automatically as the line is hauled on board. The hook separator is also a slack taker keeping tension on the line coming from the main hauler.

The HookSeparator™ MA HS 500 works perfectly with Autoline Coastal™ System and both MA MPM MagPacker  and MA MAGH HandyMag Storage systems for hooks and line.

Light weight

The total weight of the HookSeparator™ MA HS 500 is 120 kg; less than half the weight of the hook separator SP2000. This reduction in weight makes the new hook separator an excellent solution for vessels with weight limitations.

Powerful magnets

The main reason for its efficiency is the compact and extremely powerful magnets. By catching the hooks, the magnets separate them from the mainline. The hooks are guided on to the storage magazines, and the mainline coils hang below.

Spring loaded pressure wheel for maximum grip on the line

The pressure wheel is spring loaded, making sure the sheaves get maximum grip on the line. The slide rail is specially designed for the various hooks to ensure an efficient re-racking result.

High quality components

The hook separator is made of stainless steel.