MA Snooded hooks

Snooded hooks

Mustad Autoline has in close cooperation with our suppliers, designed a range of snooded hooks for optimal performance with our Mustad Autoline™ Systems.

    • High quality through research and experience
    • Sewed loops for strength and for smooth passage through the Mustad Autoline™ system
    • Consistent length on all snoods
    • Both polyester and Nylon snoods
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Braided nylon gangions

The high quality braided nylon with industrial sewing of the loop has stood to the test to be a strong and durable product preferred by more and more Autoliners.

Twisted polyester gangions

The twisted gangions are made of polyester yarns and can be made with plain ends, sewed loops or knotted ends. The ready snoods are impregnated.

Industrial sewing

Our special industrial sewing of loops give a consistent length on all snoods, it is proven to be stronger than a regular knot. The gangions also pass smoother through your Mustad Autoline™ system.

Hooks and gangions are also available as separate items.