Mustad Autoline SelectFish System

A flexible system where snooded hooks are automatically attached and detached from the mainline by a plastic ball and clip. The snooded hooks are stored on separate magazines while the mainline is stored on space saving drums.

Select Fish Drum Unit With Monofilament On Bolga

The Autoline SelectFish™ system is currently in use and available for the Norwegian market only. 

Ideal for small vessels

The innovative Autoline SelectFish™ technology is based on a robust and smart mechanism that separates the snoods from the main line. The snoods are automatically attached to and detached from the mainline by a plastic ball and clip system during setting and hauling. The snooded hooks with clips are stored on separate magazines for easy storage and handling, while the mainline is efficiently spooled onto drums.

The Autoline SelectFish™ system can operate monofilament lines down to ø3mm and/ or polyester lines up to ø5,5mm. This makes the
SelectFish™ system very flexible, and selective gear can easily be applied according to season and other conditions.

Minimal manual activity is required to operate the full Autoline SelectFish™ System. The lines are directly stored onto the drums which makes it a space saver and eliminate inconvenience of tangling or snagging of lines and snoods. The vessel can carry several drums depending on the storage capacity of the vessel, and they are easily loaded and unloaded by the crew. The drum unit can be removed from both sides, which eases the process of changing drums. It has a proportional hydraulic system with a robust and concealed electronic control system.

Select Fish Magasin Ombord I Bolga 2 Cmyk

The magazines are made of extruded aluminium. This minimizes the weight and makes it easy to handle when operating  the system on board. The magazines, with a capacity of 120 hooks each, are designed in a way that locks snoods, clips and hooks in order to avoid tangling. New hooks can be slid into the magazines when needed.

The Autoline SelectFish™ System is designed to be space efficient and solid. Light weight material is used. Installation is very flexible and requires small space since the system is divided into five modules. This makes it easy to obtain good distribution of weight across the deck. The total weight including one hundred magazines is around 1400kg, plus lines and hooks. This makes it possible for vessels down to approx. 35 feet to install the Autoline SelectFish™ system, subject to vessel’s stability.