Warranty Mustad Autoline System

General warranty on new systems

1 year after completion of start-up of the Product, or a maximum of 18 months after the date of delivery of the Product to the Buyer.

Warranty terms

The warranty covers manufacturing defects and deficiencies in the Product, as well as any defects in the Seller's installation work. The warranty is void if other than the Seller has installed or performed work on the Product, which has caused damage or defect in the Product, or if the Product is altered or unspecified equipment connected to the Product without the prior written approval of the Seller. Seller will supervise and approve the installation of the equipment (at Buyers cost), the warranty is void if this is omitted. Otherwise, the same limitations in the Seller's warranty apply as for the Seller's liability for defects (Orgalime SI)

Genuine Mustad Autoline parts

You could jeopardise the operating safety and the efficiency of your system if you use parts and consumables not approved by Mustad Autoline. This could lead to malfunctions. Mustad Autoline tests genuine parts and consumables that have been specifically approved for your system for their reliability, safety and suitability. Mustad Autoline accepts no responsibility for the use of non-original parts. Warranty is not valid when using non-original parts.

Returned and/or Replaced Products

Any or all product(s) returned to MA for warranty issues shall be replaced at cost to customer and will be due and payable under these terms until such time as it is proven that product was defective due to manufacturing defect. All products shall be examined by Mustad Autoline AS and their determination of the product shall be final. A report will be provided to the customer with the results of determination. If the determination show default of warranty MA­ shall release a credit against any issued invoice for the replacement. Warranty is not valid when using non-original parts.