Testimonials Mustad Autoline DeepSea System

Mr Jean Pierre Kinoo And The Cap Kersaint

The Cap Kersaint - Mr. Jean Pierre Kinoo

On our former vessel, the “Cap Horn 1”, we installed Mustad Autoline equipment and were very happy during the 15 years we operated with the vessel. The equipment is very reliable, strong and robust. So, when we built a new longliner, “Cap Kersaint” there was no question, - we wanted to install the latest Mustad Autoline fishing equipment.

We are very satisfied with the new Mustad Autoline equipment. We have installed the SuperBaiter and the Hauler 3200 that makes this system even more efficient and faster than the previous one. We are also very happy with the MagPacker storage system.

How do you find the customer service at Mustad Autoline? The commercials and service team are always available. We are in contact on regular basis, and when we have questions they are ready to assist us. They work close to the client and are always open for discussion at any time.

Sammensatt Bilde Leinebris

MS Leinebris

Mustad Autoline is once again chosen by the Owner as the total supplier of all equipment related to catching fish by the use of longline gear.

The vessel is equipped with the most modern Autoline equipment in the world, and the capacity of storing lines and hooks is more than 82 000 hooks, and more than 115 000m of 11,5mm line.

The hauling system is based on the new powerful H3200 hauler, with integrated rotating brush cleaning system “RotoCleaner” for thoroughly cleaning of hooks and line, and a line retriever for constant tension on the line on the sheaves.

St 155 In Water From Above View

Kenny G. Down President / CEO Blue North Fisheries

“Blue North is pleased to once again be working with Mustad Autoline as the provider of the Autoline system aboard its new vessel. This system marks the ninth Mustad longline system installed on a Blue North Fisheries longliner. Combining the Super Baiter, Mag Packer and Line Controller along with the new Super Hauler and Hook Separator fits exactly with the state of the art design of the rest of the vessel. For a modern longliner incorporating technological advances at every turn, Mustad Longline was the only logical choice for Blue North to partner with to supply the longline package for its new vessel.”

Geir 1

M/S Geir II - Mr. Arild Holmeset Chief Engineer and Owner

The SuperBaiter makes the bating much more stable. The baits are all equal size and the baiting percentage is way up - even in bad weather. There are less stops and my setting speed has increased with 1.5 knots, resulting in 4000 more hooks in the water each day. It has also resulted in much lower maintenance - both in time and spare parts.


M/S Nesbakk - Mr. Vidar Alnes Owner and Captain

We upgraded to SuperBaiter™, and now we set 20 more lines pr day, which means 500 kilos more fish in the same period of time. Over the last years it has proven very reliable, resulting in less maintenance and reduced spare part usage.

M/S O. Husby - Mr. Ingvald-John Husby Owner and Captain

Mustad’s line retriever FB320 was installed April 2011, and our experiences are entirely positive.

The line retriever operates stabile, and the line slides neither in the main hauler nor the line retriever. The connection against the main hauler is making the line retriever always to follow the main hauler’s speed. Immediately after the installation we understood that the investment was appropriate, and the payback period was short.