About us

Mustad Autoline develops and supplies technology to the world’s line fishing fleet. We are continuously developing new and innovative solutions so that more fish can be caught by hook and line.

Market leader world wide

Mustad Autoline is today the most successful company in supplying automated Longline systems to fisheries all over the World. We have gone from strength to strength since a humble start in middle of 1970’s, being part of a history of over 185 years of commitment and dedication we are looking into a bright future and are only poised to continue to further solidify our relationship with the Longline fisheries.

We support and promote all sustainable fisheries

Longlining is Mustad Autolines core business and as a company we support all sustainable fisheries, the resources of the ocean are after all the most sustainable protein source in the world. We intend to use our expertise, knowledge and technology to promote sustainable fisheries on a global scale.


Little did they know, the founders of “Brusveen Spiger & Staaltraadfabrik” when they started manufacturing steel wire and horseshoe nails back in 1832 that the company which was later to be called “O. Mustad & Son” would be one of the strongest names and a dominant player in the World of Fishing, well in to the 21st Century.

Old Mustad Poster

True enough, the road has been bumpy at times but having survived two World Wars, thrived on the Industrial Revolution in late 1800 and many years of attacks from the Far East in their quest to grab their share of the market with copies and cheaper products, the Mustad family have persisted and fought their battles with dignity and with an admirable commitment to the consumers. They have continuously invested in improving the quality of their products to stay ahead of fierce competition. At Mustad Autoline today, no less than 10% of the turnover is ploughed back into R&D helping keep safe distance to followers. The results are speaking from themselves, with close to 90% market share on DeepSea Longlining systems there is no doubt that the fisheries have clearly made their choice. Not only have they put their trust with Mustad Autoline, but a partnership has been formed where wishes and demands have been given serious consideration to make an excellent product even better. Improved efficiency and safe working conditions for the Crew have been two of the major key issues topping the list to secure a good environment and a thriving future for Longlining.

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