Mustad Autoline E-LINE

Designed for better operational capabilities and a commitment to a climate-neutral futur.

Introducing the Mustad Autoline E-Line System, our new system of all-electric components for autolining. Developed and manufactured in Norway, this innovative system is tailored for the world’s most advanced and eco-conscious freezer longliners.

The Mustad Autoline E-Line system is custom-built for vessels starting at 70 feet in length, offering the capacity to set and haul up to 80,000 hooks per day. With our state-of-the-art technology, Mustad Autoline remains the premier choice for longliners worldwide.

Our products

Intelligent Interaction 

Our PLC-based control system integrates and synchronizes all components to ensure continuous and optimal operations. Live data monitoring enables real-time control of temperature, power, load, error warnings, and more.

Designed for seamless connectivity, the control system allows a Mustad Autoline Technician to perform remote diagnostics and troubleshooting. Predictive maintenance and data-driven diagnostics are enhanced through machine learning analysis of accumulated data.

Adaptive Control System

Our adaptive control system autonomously adjusts to the vessel’s movements, providing precise tension control and tighter lines during hauling, even in rough seas. This minimizes the risk of losing fish, reduces line breakage, and extends the lifespan of the equipment, significantly enhancing operational efficiency.

Caring for the environment

By reducing hydraulic oil usage, we minimize contamination risks and contribute to environmental preservation. Additionally, eliminating hydraulic vibrations significantly reduces noise pollution, creating a quieter and more comfortable working environment for the crew while minimizing disruptions to the surrounding ecosystem. This commitment to sustainability is integral to our operational philosophy.

Energy-saving - Reduced carbon footprint

An effective comparison between hydraulic and electric autoline systems demonstrates a reduction in energy consumption and carbon footprint. Switching to our electric autoline system decreases energy usage compared to traditional hydraulic systems. This reduction not only lowers operational costs but also contributes to environmental sustainability by minimizing greenhouse gas emissions. Our commitment to energy efficiency aligns with our goal to create innovative and eco-friendly solutions for the fishing industry.


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