An electric system for handling and storage of hooks and line

Key Features

  • Length: Magazines 3 - 3,5 - 4 m
  • Hauling Power: Electric

Key Information

  • Baits up to 6 hooks per second
  • High baiting precision
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Simple adjustment to desired bait size
  • Easy troubleshooting
  • Compatible for circle, EZ baiter and offset hooks
  • Patented RotoBait™ system

Product Information

The new generation MagPacker is an electric driven system for automatic handling and storage of hooks and line. Designed for better operational capabilities and a climate-neutral future.

This unit is developed as a part of the Mustad Autoline E-Line System and works optimally in combination with the E-Line SuperBaiter (MA BM 6000), E-Line Hauling unit (MA HH 4000), and E-Line HookSeparator (MA HS 2020). The E-Line components are connected and synchronized through a PLC-based control center to ensure continuous and optimal operations.

Discover the benefits

  • Space efficient storage of magazines with hooks and line
  • less tangling during setting, – the line coils don’t catch on other coils and turn around when moving the line towards the baiting machine
  • Less manual handling of the gear during setting and hauling
  • Increased safety on board
  • Made of heavy-duty stainless steel
  • One step further to a climate-neutral future

Number of hooks per meter

Please note that the quantity of hooks stated in quotes is an estimate. Quantity per meter will always depend on thickness, age and quality of the hooks and line. Consequently these given numbers are to be taken as a guideline only and not as factual numbers.