Mustad EZ baiter and Circle hooks

Designed for optimal performance with Mustad Autoline System

Key Features

  • Weight: 380 kg / 838 lbs
  • Power Supply: Servo Electric
  • Setting Speed: Up to 6 hooks/sec.

Key Information

Mustad hooks are still made by hook wire produced at the factory in Gjøvik, Norway.

Product Information

Purpose made hooks developed for Mustad Autoline Systems

Mustad EZ baiter and Circle hooks are strictly made to Mustad Autolines specifications for optimal performance with our systems. All hooks are perfectly shaped and made of strong high carbon steel in order to succeed where others fail. Precision baiting, sharpness, strength, flexibility and corrosion resistance are key factors in making the best suited hooks for Autolining.

Mustad Autoline distributes hooks for commercial fishing produced by O. Mustad & Son AS.

Mustad 40 000 DT

The Mustad 40 000 DT hook is a semi-circle semi EZ hook where the size 12/0 is as strong as a regular 15/0 circle hook. The hooks are forged and the smaller diameter means more hooks per magazine. Due to a unique tempering process this hook is very stong and keeps the shape. The hook breakes rather than bends if stretched. The 40 000 hook is the preferred hook by most of our customers fishing for cod, tusk and ling among others.

Mustad 40 000 DT is produced by O.Mustad & Son AS

Mustad 40 001 DT

New 14/0 semi Circle and semi J-hook with 15/0 wire. This is a larger version of the 40 000 hook (not forged) designed for optimal catch of toothfish, halibut and black cod among others. The properties of this hook is a good combination of extra strength while also bending slightly when stretched.

Mustad 40 001 DT is produced by O.Mustad & Son AS