MA HC 400 E-LINE RotoCleaner

All-electric hook cleaner with four rotating brushes

Key Features

Key Information

  • Easy to change brushes
  • Extended service life
  • Independent motor on each brush

Product Information

New design and better operational capabilities

Our latest design features significant improvements for operational efficiency and maintenance.

  • Easy Brush Replacement: The new design allows for effortless brush changes, even during operation, streamlining maintenance procedures and minimizing downtime.
  • Extended Service Life: Each brush is longer and moves vertically, maximizing brush utilization and significantly extending its service life. This innovative approach reduces the frequency of replacements, saving time and resources.
  • Independent Motor for Each Brush: Every brush is equipped with its own independent electric motor, featuring external bearings for added reliability and consistent performance. This design ensures optimal brush movement and operational stability, enhancing overall system efficiency.

With these enhancements, our system not only delivers superior performance but also offers simplified maintenance and prolonged durability, setting new standards in brush-based equipment technology.