Knowhow, research and development

One of the reasons behind Mustad Autoline’s success is its significant investment in research and development (R&D). Each year, Mustad Autoline allocates up to 15% of its total earnings to R&D. This investment not only drives the invention of next-generation equipment but also facilitates adjustments to our well-known machines, providing our customers with incremental efficiency improvements year after year. Our service technicians, engineers, and salespeople continuously gather feedback from customers worldwide, offering valuable insights into potential improvements.

In addition to our exceptional team of engineers and technicians, we collaborate closely with scientists from esteemed R&D institutions such as SINTEF, NTNU, and other universities. We also work with highly professional suppliers, leveraging their R&D expertise to enhance our products.

Mustad Autoline is part of NCE Raufoss, a cluster of world-leading, technology-intensive manufacturers based in Norway. This affiliation helps us stay at the forefront of technological advancements relevant to our products.