There is only one original Mustad service - Service by Mustad Autoline

Proper and preventative maintenance is key to long-term and stable operations of your system. Small adjustments or replacement of a worn part can be crucial to efficiency and affect the bottom line.

Mustad Autoline service team hold a wealth of experience and are always ready to meet you and provide first class service to your Mustad Autoline System. Whether you need advice or just want to discuss technical matters, our team is there for you. We strive to keep close communication with our customers to share knowledge and experience. By this way we are able to continue develop our products according to increased demands from the market.

In addition to staff based in Norway, we also have a strong network of service partners in different markets where our systems are in use.

For any further information or queries do not hesitate in contacting us on or by phone on +47 70 10 75 80

Q & A in Fishermen's News with Josh Dunham, Mustad Autolines Technical Supervisor in the US.
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