Mustad Autoline E-LINE all-electric technology for autolining

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Mustad Autoline E-Line to be launched: E-Hauling system HH-4000 : September 2021 / Complete all-electric system for Deep Sea vessels : early 2022


Fiskevegn and Mustad Autoline AS to strengthen their cooperation

Fiskevegn and Mustad Autoline, both internationally recognized names in the longline industry, have agreed to strengthen their cooperation. This follows the purchase of Vetrhus Holding AS (now Mustad Sealine AS) earlier this year by Mustad Autoline, through which Mustad Autoline acquired 50% of the shares in Fiskevegn.

Fiskevegn is a leading manufacturer of longlines and fishing gear, whereas Mustad Autoline is the market leader in mechanized systems for automatic longline fishing. Following the latest agreement, the companies will strengthen their customer/supplier relationships in certain business areas but will remain independent businesses.
The Solheim family will continue to own 50% of Fiskevegn through its company Helge
Solheim Holding AS.
Fiskevegn’s chairman, Helge Solheim, welcomes Mustad Autoline as a new 50% owner in the company. - We have identified significant synergies between the two companies, although they remain competitors in some segments such as automated equipment for the longline fleet. Mustad Autoline does not have its own longline production and Fiskevegn sees a great potential here. This will further strengthen the positive development that Fiskevegn has seen in recent years,” Solheim says.
Chairman and owner of Mustad Autoline, Hans H. Mustad is also looking forward to the
Cooperation. He says “We have always had great respect for Fiskevegn as a company and
the high quality of products they manufacture. We believe there are significant opportunities in expanding manufacturing and product development at Flatraket and we look forward to being able to offer Fiskevegn longlines to our customers.”
AS Fiskevegn has its headquarters and factory at Flatraket in Selje municipality in western Norway. The company has 47 employees. The company has a sales department in Ålesund, owns BFG in Flatraket and 50% of MFG Magister in Latvia. In addition, the company has distributors in Seattle (USA), Christchurch (New Zealand), Nuuk (Greenland) and St. Johns (Canada). The main products are fiber, rope, fishing systems for automatic longlining, fishing gears and supplies for crew and vessels for the longline fleet worldwide.
Mustad Autoline AS has its head office and factory at Gjøvik in eastern Norway with a sales office in Ålesund and sales companies in Seattle (USA) and Newfoundland (Canada), as well as the subsidiary Mustad Havservice AS (Ålesund) that supplies coastal fisheries from divisions in Ålesund, Båtsfjord, Myre and Austevoll. The Mustad Autoline Group
has 58 employees. The main products are automated longline systems for the world’s line fishing fleet.
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