Mustad Autoline EHF to take over distribution of fishing nets from Neptunus EHF

We are pleased to announce that Mustad Autoline ehf, Iceland, has reached an agreement with Neptunus ehf to take over distribution and sales of pipe nets and other equipment in Iceland and Norway.

Neptunus, who was founded and managed by Björn Halldorson, has been one of the leading forces on the Icelandic fishing net market since 1974. The mission of Neptunus to make the use of gillnets as simple as possible, has set its strong footprint on the Icelandic net fishing community with its patented invention of pipe nets. Björn has for over 40 years shown an incredible dedication and passion for delivering innovative solutions and high-quality products to the fishing industry.

Björn will join Mustad Autoline as an advisor, and Siggi—Mustad Autoline’s Iceland Sales Manager—will become the customers main contact person. We are honored to have Björn, with his unmatched dedication and passion for fishing nets, join our team.

For any questions, please reach out to / +354 664 1621