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Did you know:

Mustad salesman Eivind Prahls completed a 446 days long journey through Africa in 1929.


Line fishing offers unique potential for deciding size of the fish and which species are to be caught. Varied hook sizes and restructured bait are important tools to manipulate the catch.


No seabed damage

Longline is a commercial harvesting method that does not harm the seabed. A number of other gear types used in bottom fishing are causing damage and injuries to the seabed. The seabed environment consists of fragile ecosystems; an imbalance results in repercussions affecting the fish’s spawning and living conditions. One study shows that with other harvesting metods, in worst case, 1711 m2 of seabed is affected in order to catch 1 kilo of cod [Ziegler, F., 2002].


Less CO2-emission

Research has shown 80 % less emission of CO2 pr. kilo caught fish with line, compared to trawl.


Reduced bycath

A continues work is performed to avoid sporadic bycatch of marine mammals, birds and invertebrates. Hook geometry and bait size are among the experimental parameters. Simultaneously, ongoing research is aiming to find an artificial bait to avoid using of mackerel and squid.


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