MA HS 2000-02 HookSeparator hydraulic


Efficient re-racking of hooks and line

The main function of the Mustad Autoline HookSeparator is to separate the hooks from the mainline and guide them onto the storage magazines. This is done automatically and consistently as the gear is hauled onboard. The hook separator is also a slack taker keeping tension on the line coming from the main hauler.

Specially designed magnet pattern

The main reason for its efficiency is eight patented, compact and extremely powerful magnets. By catching the hooks, the magnets separate them from the mainline onto the magazine.

Optional water jet

To clean the hooks and line before storage, the HookSeparator can also be delivered with a high-pressure water jet. The vibration on the swivels caused by the water jet will also ease the un-twisting of snoods from the mainline, and assure maximum hook catch rate.