Who we are - Mission, vision and values

Business idea

We aim to lead the way as the most recognized supplier of automated longline fishing technology. Our mission is to continually innovate solutions so that more fish can be caught by hook and line. - A better way to fish!

Through innovation and dedication to excellence, we aim to be the industry leader in delivering cutting-edge solutions that enhance efficiency and sustainability in linefishing operations. By continuously pushing boundaries and exceeding expectations, we aim to solidify our position as the most trusted and respected name in automated longline fishing technology.

Our products shall contribute to increased yield, safety, and sustainability for our customers

Our products are designed to significantly enhance yield, safety, and sustainability for our valued customers. By leveraging advanced technology and thoughtful engineering, we strive to optimize catch rates while minimizing environmental impact. Our commitment to safety ensures that operators can perform their tasks with confidence and peace of mind. Ultimately, our solutions are tailored to promote long-term sustainability in the fishing industry, supporting both economic prosperity and environmental stewardship.

Mustad Autoline's products are primarily produced in-house in Gjøvik - vertical integration

Mustad Autoline’s production process is carried out in-house at our facilities in Gjøvik. Vertical integration allows us to maintain strict control over every aspect of manufacturing, from design to assembly, ensuring that our products meet the highest standards of performance and reliability. By keeping production in-house, we foster innovation and agility, enabling us to respond swiftly to market demands and continuously improve our offerings. This approach also strengthens our ability to provide exceptional service and support to our customers, reinforcing our reputation as a trusted leader in automated longline fishing technology.

Core values

Trust cannot be purchased; it can only be earned through effective teamwork and demonstrated through our customers’ experiences with the Mustad Autoline brand.

  • Innovative: We present ourselves as modern, forward-thinking, and innovative, built on experience, knowledge, and tradition.
  • Inclusive: A non-bureaucratic and flexible organization based on responsibility and trust. We work closely with customers.
  • Solution-oriented: Providing good solutions and adaptability.

Mustad Autoline will focus on proximity to the market, effective communication, product training, customer support, and technical assistance. Together, these aspects will characterize our products, services, corporate culture, and our collaboration with customers, suppliers, other partners, and the local community.