Mustad Autoline E-LINE, all-electric technology for autolining

Designed for better operational capabilities and a climate-neutral future. Discover our powerful and precise all-electric system for autolining.

Introducing the Mustad Autoline E-Line System, our new line of all-electric components for autolining. Developed and manufactured in Norway. Duly tested in actual operation.

The Mustad Autoline DeepSea E-Line all-electric system is delivered to the world’s most modern and efficient freezer longliners. Customized for boats from 70 feet with the ability to set and haul up to 80 000 hooks per day. With our latest technology, Mustad Autoline continues to be the leading choice for longliners worldwide.

Intelligent interaction – PLC based control system

All the components are connected and synchronized to ensure continuous and optimal operations of the system. Live data monitoring to bridge provides control of temperature, power, load, error warning etc.

The control system is connectable to a Mustad Autoline Technician to enable review of any issues that may arise. Predictive maintenance and data diagnostics will be possible based on machine learning on accumulated data.

Adaptive control system

The autonomous reaction to the vessel’s movements results in more accurate tension control and tighter lines when hauling even in rough sea. This lowers the risk of loosing fish when hauling, reduces the risk of breakage and wear and tear of the line.

With care for the environment

Less hydraulic oil reduces the risk of contamination. Without the hydraulic vibration there is less noise pollution providing a vastly improved working environment for the crew and less interference with the external environment.

Energy-saving – less carbon footprint

Effect comparison hydraulic versus electric autoline system shows a remarkably reduction of energy consumption.