MA HPU 30 02 Hydraulic Power Unit


The HPU, hydraulic power unit, is the heart of a Mustad Autoline DeepSea system. Until now, the common solution for this application has been using a serial system where all the components are set up in a line. To save energy and make the whole system more performant, we have constructed a new parallel system. The new HPU consists of 2x30 kW, and sports several benefits in addition to parallel operation:

Reduced oil consumption

The cyclone tank separates air from oil in a more efficient manner, which halves the need of buffer oil. Compared to a traditional tank, this will reduce cost when changing oil, reducing weight, and reducing total oil consumption.

Water surveillance

Sensors are measuring the water content in the oil, and warns if the level exceeds a pre-defined limit. Water in the oil can reduce lifetime on the components and cause rust in the system. The water surveillance can be integrated in the Mustad Autoline LineController system, allowing the skipper to constantly monitor the status.

Filter guard

Monitoring of filter status, and warning when the filter should be replaced. This will notify the crew if there is a suddenly increase in particles in the oil causing the filter to get jammed, or if filter change is forgotten. Can also be integrated with LineController, temperature surveillance is also available.

Noise cancelling

Features for vibration cancelling are available to reduce noise pollution, improving the ambient on board, and may help reduce interaction of sea mammals. 

Automatic flow control 

An automatic flow control on the water cooler ensures that the system automatically reach desired operation temperature after start, and keeps stable temperature during operation.

Filter system 

A filter system on oil filling prevents contamination entering the HPU from barrels and filling systems.