MA HC 400 E-LINE all-electric RotoCleaner

MA HC 400 E

Sammenstilling Mustad Autoline Og E Line Blue 1500 250

Mustad Autoline E-line, all-electric technology for autolining

Designed for better operational capabilities and a climate-nautral future

In 2021 Mustad Autoline will launch a new line of all-electric components for autolining starting with the hauling station, hook cleaner and line retriver. Discover our powerful and precise all-electric technology for hauling longline!

New design and better operational capabilities

The brushes on the new hook cleaner are longer and move vertically to utilize the entire brush - this extends the service life of each brush. It's easy to change brushes during operation. You do not have to stop the cleaner to change brushes.
Each brush is driven by an independant electric motor with external bearings to ensure reliable operation.