MA BM 3000 AutoBaiter

Baiting of hooks with precision at a speed of up to 4 hooks per second

Key Features

  • Weight: 140kg (311lbs)
  • Length: 1370mm
  • Width: 770 + 530 mm
  • Height: Adjustable 1600 - 1800mm
  • Oil Flow Rate: 16/28 l/min
  • Power Supply: Hydraulic

Key Information

  • Cuts the bait at a pre-set size
  • Automatically double crouches the bait on the hook
  • 3-4 hooks per second

Product Information

The AutoBaiter designed as a part of the Mustad Autoline Coastal System is based on the well proven Mustad principles. The AutoBaiter has a compact design, requires little space and is equipped with the reliable and patented RotoBaiter baiting system.

Precision baiting

At three to four hooks per second the MA BM 3000 AutoBaiter cuts the bait at a pre-set size and baits the hooks consistently at a speed of up to 180 – 200 hooks per minute (3 – 4 hooks per second).

The bait is placed on a spiked conveyor belt that feeds it into the machine where the hooks trigger a knife to cut the bait at a pre-set size. Equipped with the patented RotoBaiter baiting system the bait is penetrated twice onto the hook before it’s deployed over the stern.

Compact and flexible

The MA BM 3000 AutoBaiter is designed as a part of Mustad Autoline Coastal System and works perfectly with both the manual MagPacker and HandyMag storage magazines. It requires little space thanks to its compact design, and includes an integrated waste collector. The machine can operate with EZ/J-hooks ranging from size 11/0 to 15/0, and circle hooks from size 12/0 to 14/0 both straight and offset.

Shooting the line

When initial buoys and anchors are deployed overboard, lines are naturally pulled from the storage magazines through the baiting machine before being set. The baiting speed is approximately three to four hooks per second, depending on the spacing between the hooks and the speed of the boat. The baiting machine is operated by one crewmember who feeds bait fish onto the spiked conveyor belt.


A typical deck arrangement on a coastal vessel: