MA HC 200 RotoCleaner

Cleans the hooks and line perfectly with four rotating brushes combined with high pressure water jets

Key Features

  • Weight: 160 kg
  • Oil Flow Rate: 2 l/min (0.5 gl/min)
  • Power Supply: Hydraulic 12,5 ccm 2 pcs

Key Information

  • Easy to change brushes
  • Extended service life
  • Independent motor on each brush

Product Information

The RotoCleaner is Mustad Autoline´s latest generation hooks and line cleaners. Based on proven technology this is the best solution to meet your hook cleaning requirements. The RotoCleaner cleans the hooks perfectly, even when using bait fish with heavy leathery skin.

Optimal cleaning of hooks and line increases the productivity and improves:

  • The functionality of the hook separator
  • The number of stops during hauling
  • The life span of the fishing line
  • The life span of the brushes
  • Annual maintenance cost

Rotating brushes and water jets

The hooks and line pass through an integrated “fish-releaser” and are cleaned by four rotating brushes combined with water jets. Hydraulic motors synchronise both main hauler and hook separator to stopping and starting accordingly. The hook and line cleaner is opened and closed by a hydraulic piston. Hydraulic power is supplied by the same power source serving the hook separator and line retriever.
The RotoCleaner operates smoothly to as low as 20 rpm on the brushes. This prevents unnecessary wear on both the line and the brushes.

Fits most haulers

The RotoCleaner is produced from solid stainless steel, driven by durable hydraulic motors and an industry standard PLC system. The Mustad Autoline RotoCleaner can easily be fitted to most haulers, be low or high pressure.

New design

Single lid opening mechanism:

  • Easy access to the brushes thanks to new lid mechanism

Decreased rotation speed on the brushes:

  • The rotational speed of the brushes is lowered. The cleaner will operate smoothly to as low as 20 rpm on the brushes. This prevents unnecessary wear on the brushes and provides for increased brush life.

Sheltered hydraulic motors:

  • The new drive mechanism allows the hydraulic motors to be located away from the flow of water; increasing the life span of the motor whilst reducing operating costs.

New design makes cleaning and replacing worn brushes easier.