MA HV 100 Hauling unit

A light hauler with optional hook cleaning system. Hauling power 660 kg. Weight 240 - 310 Kg

Key Features

  • Weight: 240 - 310 kg
  • Length: 2480-1980 mm (variation from 35˚ to 65˚)
  • Width: 1100-1580 mm (variation from 35˚ to 65˚)
  • Height: 701 mm (adjustable)
  • Hauling Power: 495 (normal) (660 kg max.)
  • Hauling Speed: 123 m/min
  • Sheave Diameter: 400 mm outer diam.
  • Oil Flow Rate: 43 l / min.
  • Power Supply: Hydraulic
  • Line diameter: 5,5 - 9,5 mm

Key Information

  • Baits up to 6 hooks per second
  • High baiting precision
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Simple adjustment to desired bait size
  • Easy troubleshooting
  • Compatible for circle, EZ baiter and offset hooks
  • Patented RotoBait™ system

Product Information

Our new light hauler MA HV 100, is developed as part of the Mustad Autoline Coastal System, but can also be used as a separate hauling station.

  • Adjustable sheaves for line 5,5 – 9,5 mm
  • Hauling power 495 kg (normal) (660 kg max.)
  • Hauling speed up to 123 m/min
  • Delivered with a OMTW 400 EMD motor with speed sensor as standard.

The hauler has got a magnet and a recess behind the sheaves, useful for guiding the hooks to the back of the sheaves, – a safety benefit.

Hook Cleaner: Three solutions to clean the hooks and line:

  • 4 rotating brushes
  • 2 rotating brushes
  • 2×2 fixed brushes

Rail roller

The rail roller comprise three separate rolls: L400 x Ø60mm. It is hinged, and may be tilted inward when not in use. The roller system consists of several rollers instead of one giving an increased circumference for the line to pass over, thus reducing fiber breakage in the line. This feature will reduce loss of fish at the rail.

Installation / Customization

For easy installation on deck space available the hauling unit can be angled up to 30˚

Health and safety

  • Caution by rail roller, hook cleaner, line hauler, funnels and pulleys is required due to unprotected hooks.
  • Keep hands and fingers away from moving parts