MA HV 200 Hauling unit

A robust hauler with optional hook cleaning system. Hauling power 720 kg max. Weight: 430 kg.

Key Features

  • Weight: Approx. 430 kg
  • Hauling Power: 550 kg (720 kg max.)
  • Hauling Speed: 123 m/min
  • Sheave Diameter: 400 mm outer diam.
  • Oil Flow Rate: 54 l / min
  • Power Supply: Hydraulic
  • Line diameter: 3,5 - 11,5 mm

Key Information

More than 80% of the time onboard a longliner is used for hauling – efficient hauling is key to increased profits

Product Information

The hauler is developed as a part of a Mustad Autoline system, it can also be used as a stand-alone unit.

Complete with hook cleaner and rail roller

The hauling station is delivered complete with hook cleaner and rail roller. The rail roller, with Ø 219,1 / 9” and roller bearing, can be adjusted in an angle up to 120˚. The rail roller section is hinged, and may be tilted inwards when not in use.

  • Efficient guidance of hooks onto the back of the sheaves by a set of magnets.
  • Delivered with a OMTW-500 EMD motor with speed sensor as standard.

Optional hook cleaning system:

  • Hook cleaner with four rotating brushes
  • Hook cleaner with three pairs of fixed brushes

An example of a typical deck arrangement on a coastal system: