MA MPM Manual MagPacker

A manual system for handling and storage of hooks and line

Key Features

  • Weight 220 kg / 489 lbs incl.10 empty mags of 3 m
  • Length Magazines 2 - 2,5 - 3 - 3,5 - 4 m

Key Information

  • Baits up to 6 hooks per second
  • High baiting precision
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Simple adjustment to desired bait size
  • Easy troubleshooting
  • Compatible for circle, EZ baiter and offset hooks
  • Patented RotoBait™ system

Product Information

The manual MagPacker system is a compact and functional storage of magazines loaded with hooks and line, tailored to available space on board the vessel.

Designed specially with regards to safety and functionality on board. The MagPacker is a strong stainless steel rack keeping the heavy magazines loaded with hooks and line in place. Optional line press system.

Heavy magazines are moved in position for setting or hauling by manual operations. Empty magazines are pushed into a temporary storage position above the rack awaiting hauling operation.

Delivered with three different spacings between the magazines:
110 mm spacing < = 7 mm main line
125 mm spacing < = 9 mm main line
160 mm spacing < = 11 mm main line

The MagPacker is located between the AutoBaiter and the HookSeparator.

Safety and good working conditions

Small vessels tend to move a lot. It is essential to focus on safety and good working conditions on board. The MA MPM – manual MagPacker is developed with special emphasis on safety and function. One person operates the system and can easily position the storage magazines to setting or hauling positions.

The magazines

The Magazines are made of aluminium and stainless steel, with complete sliding rails, inspection slits and hatches for simple mounting of hooks and snoods. The adjustable Magazines can easily be adapted to different hook types and sizes by adjusting the top rail.

Number of hooks per meter magazine

Please note that quantity of hooks stated in quotes is an estimate. Quantity per meter will always depend on thickness, age and quality of the hooks and line. Consequently these given numbers are to be taken as a guideline only and not as factual numbers.