Albius is fishing with E-Line for toothfish in the Antarctic Sea

The Albius just returned from sea after testing the newly installed 100% electric fishing equipment in normal operations. “It is an innovative system, and the Albius is the first antarctic longliner equipped with this electric autoline system. The hydraulic version generates a lot of noise. This new equipment is silent and much more confortable for the crew. The 100% electric operation also provides a high level of flexibility. The electric control system allows a more stabel hauling process and lowers the risk of breaking the line. Our autoline fishing operations are now optimized”, explains Pascal Wallaert, Head of the Antarctic Pole at SAPMER.

The longliners Ile Bourbon, Albius, Mascareignes 3 and Cap Horn all belonging to SAPMER, operating not far from the 40th Rugissants and 50th Hurlants catching toothfis, have been equipped with automated line fishing equipment since their launch. It is only natural that SAPMER’s operational team approached Mustad in 2021 to collaborate on the new electric version of the fishing gear installed and tested on the Albius.

Sapmer plans to renew its longline fleet in the coming years. “We want to ensure the best possible design for our future toothfish longliners. The integration of an electric autoline system is part of this plan, – for the comfort and safety of the crew of course, but also to fight against depredation and to optimize the fishing process independant of fishing ground and weather conditions. adds Pascal Wallaert.

Very satisfying tests

The Albius is the first longliner of its kind to be equiped with an electric autoline system for fishing toothfish. The expectations were hign on both the SAPMER team and the Mustad Autoline team. “All precautions were taken before the vessel left for its first trip fishing for toothfish. «Our vessels are out fishing between 60 and 80 days in a row, all alone and far from the shore. We can’t afford to be negligent about the quality of the fishing equipment” explains Patrick Perron, Captain of the Albius. “The results of this test were beyond our expectations,” he adds. The equipment performed well and met with the expectations of the crew, the captain and the management. Conclution; good for hearing health and safety, synchronized and smooth operations when fishing, more sensitive reaction to the vessel’s movements results in more accurate tension control and tighter lines when hauling. This lower the risk of losing fish and of breaking the line.

Press release from SAPMER published 02.06.23

Mustad Autoline Coastal system with HandyMag™ storage system

– We have the capacity to set and haul 7,000 hooks per day. To begin with, we operate with a crew of two to three people, but as we incorporate best practices we reduce to a crew of two people on board. Coastal HandyMag storage system is designed to fit on smaller boats from approx. 30 feet / 9 – 10m. Hooks and line are stored on one meter magazines, and are manually retrieved in setting or hauling position. The system is convenient and easy to operate and requires limited space on board the boat. – In short periods we fish for crab, and the Autoline system is installed in such a way that it is easy to rig the boat and change to other fisheries such as crab fishing.

Easy to sell and better price Even in times when prices are low and there is a lot of fish on the market it is easy to sell line-caught fish and we get 20 – 30% more per kg. – We fish haddock, halibut, catfish and bream in addition to cod. With the new equipment on board, we will fish with longline throughout the year, says Gressmyr and is optimistic about his future as an Autoline fisherman.
Morten Gressmyr, Vadsø
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Baiting Machine 1200 X 1200
Hookstorage 1200 X 1200

The Cap Kersaint - Mr. Jean Pierre Kinoo

We are very satisfied with the new Mustad Autoline equipment. We have installed the SuperBaiter and the Hauler 3200 that makes this system even more efficient and faster than the previous one. We are also very happy with the MagPacker storage system.

How do you find the customer service at Mustad Autoline? The commercials and service team are always available. We are in contact on regular basis, and when we have questions they are ready to assist us. They work close to the client and are always open for discussion at any time.

Feedback from M/S Vonar after four months of fishing with Mustad Autoline E-Line system

We have a close cooperation with Mustad Autoline that goes way back in time and we were never in doubt about our choice of equipment and supplier. When Mustad introduced the new electrically powered E-Line system, we were ready, says Bjartmar Finnøy.

The installation of the new autoline equipment was carried out as expected with necessary supervision from the Mustad team. We felt taken good care of. The Mustad service team were actually praised for being professional by the electrical company working here in connection with the installation 🙂

It’s reassuring for us as a customer that Mustad Autoline has a very capable service team and that they are on hand when the need arises.

Bjartmar Finnøy from Harøy outside Ålesund is co-owner of Finnøy Fiskeredskap and skipper on board the boat MS Vonar. They are fishing with nets and autoline for cod, haddock and pollock in addition to a number of other fish species such as halibut, ling and tusk. Hans Jakob Johansen is chief engineer on board the vessel.

The commissioning and test trip went well, and we have now been in operation for almost four months and three, close to four trips at sea. Not a stop or an interruption in fishing.

Our only comment is the construction of the hook cleaner, which is to be improved. We have discussed this together with the Mustad R&D department at Gjøvik and a change of construction is underway for testing.

The first immediate difference between the hydraulically driven autoline system and the electric system is the smooth hauling and the noise level on board. The difference is huge. The smooth and stable hauling means that we lose less fish off the hooks.

We have not calculated fuel savings and the effect of the improved hauling process yet, but we estimate a reduction of fuel consumption of 50 ton a year, and in addition catch a bit more fish in less fishing days.

From an environmental point of view, it’s obvious that we use less oil and reduce the risk of oil spills. The reduced noise level improves the working environment on board. It is simply cleaner and easier to handle, says Hans, the chief engineer on board.

There’s no doubt that electrically powered systems are the future. I assume that all new-buildings henceforth will choose to go for this solution.

We are most satisfied with the equipment and the follow-up and service offered by Mustad Autoline concludes Bjartmar.

Greetings from Bjartmar Finnøy and Hans Jakob Johansen

Mustad Autoline EHF to take over distribution of fishing nets from Neptunus EHF

Neptunus, who was founded and managed by Björn Halldorson, has been one of the leading forces on the Icelandic fishing net market since 1974. The mission of Neptunus to make the use of gillnets as simple as possible, has set its strong footprint on the Icelandic net fishing community with its patented invention of pipe nets. Björn has for over 40 years shown an incredible dedication and passion for delivering innovative solutions and high-quality products to the fishing industry.

Björn will join Mustad Autoline as an advisor, and Siggi—Mustad Autoline’s Iceland Sales Manager—will become the customers main contact person. We are honored to have Björn, with his unmatched dedication and passion for fishing nets, join our team.

For any questions, please reach out to / +354 664 1621

Who will be elected Norway's smartest industrial company 2023? Mustad Autoline is among the three finalists!

Competition in international industry is fierce, especially for companies in a high-cost country like Norway. Nevertheless, Norwegian industrial companies have shown time and time again that we claim to be among the very best. Digitization has seriously swept the industry today. In the constant race to offer competitive solutions and make a difference, it is not enough just to be good. Norwegian industrial companies must also look up, recognize the opportunities and invest in cost-effective, smart solutions.

Norges smarteste industribedrift

​Egersund Group and Mustad Autoline strengthen their cooperation

After experiencing a positive development in these companies the parties have agreed to expand the proven to be good cooperation.

Mustad Autoline’s department stores and trading activities towards the coastal fleet in Norway (Havservice), the snow crab business from both Egersund Trål AS and Mustad Autoline AS merges with Nordkapp Marinservice AS and becomes Egersund & Mustad Havservice AS.

The new company, Egersund & Mustad Havservice AS will be present with sales offices in Egersund and Bergen, Havservice department stores in Breivika in Ålesund, Myre in Vesterålen, Honningsvåg and Båtsfjord in Finnmark as well as a warehouse on Skjervøy in Troms.

By this merge, we are strategically located from Egersund to Båtsfjord and considerably strengthened to ensure we serve all fishermen needs including the snow crab fleet, says Jarle Mong and Anders Frisinger

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For further information please contact;

Anders Frisinger, CEO Mustad Autoline and chairman of Nordkapp Marinservice as, mob. +47 95972206 or Mr. Jarle Mong, chairman Egersund Trål as, mob. 95443878