MA LR 320 LineRetriver

MA LR 320

The function of a LineRetriver:

  • Keep constant tension on the line
  • Synchronized with the hauling unit
  • Leads the line swiftly off hauler and into tubes towards the HookSeparator
  • Light weight composite material sheeves 
  • Easy to operate and maintain

Synchronized with the hauling unit 

The hauling power on the LineRetriver™ will automatically be reduced if the main hauler stops, to avoid the line to loose the grip on the sheaves and start to skid.

Sheaves on the LineRetriver

  • Patented spring loaded clamp system to increases the pressure on the line
  • The hauling diameter for the line is Ø230mm.
  • The external diameter: Ø320mm.
  • Wearing parts are made of hardened stainless steel

We have installed a MA LineRetriver 320, and our experiences are entirely positive. The line retriever operates stabile, and the line slides neither in the main hauler nor the line retriever. The connection against the main hauler is making the line retriever always to follow the main hauler’s speed. Immediately after installation we see the investment was appropriate, and the payback period will be short. Mr. Ingvald-John Husby Owner and Captain, M/S O. Husby

Installation of MA LineRetriver 320 increased our efficiency. Fewer stops during hauling mean more fish and less hassle for the crew. Mr. Vidar Alnes Owner and Captain, M/S Nesbakk