MA LR 320 LineRetriver

Keeps constant tension and pulls the line out of the main hauler to reduce wear on sheaves and line.

Key Features

  • Weight: 160 kg
  • Oil Flow Rate: 2 l/min (0.5 gl/min)
  • Power Supply: Hydraulic 12,5 ccm 2 pcs

Key Information

  • Easy to change brushes
  • Extended service life
  • Independent motor on each brush

Product Information

The function of a LineRetriver:

  • Keep constant tension on the line
  • Synchronized with the hauling unit
  • Leads the line swiftly off hauler and into tubes towards the HookSeparator
  • Light weight composite material sheeves
  • Easy to operate and maintain

Synchronized with the hauling unit

The hauling power on the LineRetriver™ will automatically be reduced if the main hauler stops, to avoid the line to loose the grip on the sheaves and start to skid.

Sheaves on the LineRetriver

  • Patented spring loaded clamp system to increases the pressure on the line
  • The hauling diameter for the line is Ø230mm.
  • The external diameter: Ø320mm.
  • Wearing parts are made of hardened stainless steel