MA HC 100 RotoCleaner

Cleans the hooks and line with three sets of fixed brushes and high pressure water jets

Key Features

  • Weight: 160 kg
  • Oil Flow Rate: 2 l/min (0.5 gl/min)
  • Power Supply: Hydraulic 12,5 ccm 2 pcs

Key Information

  • Easy to change brushes
  • Extended service life
  • Independent motor on each brush

Product Information

Optimal cleaning of hooks and line increases the productivity and improves

  • The functionality of the hook separator
  •  The number of stops during hauling
  •  The life span of the fishing line
  •  The life span of the brushes
  •  Annual maintenance cost

The standard hook cleaner is equipped with a number of practical details:

  • Stepless adjustment of brush spacing
  • 3 sets of brushes
    • Can be turned in four directions
    • Easy to replace when worn out
  • The jet washing unit is easy to connect or disconnect
  • Opening and closing mechanism with automatic locking in open position

Fits most haulers

The hook cleaners are produced from solid stainless steel, driven by durable hydraulic motors and an industry standard PLC system. They can easily be fitted to most haulers, be low or high pressure.