MA PLC Control System

PLC controller system

Key Features

  • Weight: 5-10 kg
  • Length: 140 mm
  • Width: 280 mm
  • Height: 380 mm
  • Power Supply: 24VDC

Key Information

  • Cuts the bait at a pre-set size
  • Automatically double crouches the bait on the hook
  • 3-4 hooks per second

Product Information

Get the most out of your equipment by taking control of the hauling and baiting process

Reduce the risk of line breaches and increase hauling efficiency. Essential information such as the hauling speed, hauling power, tension and baiting percentage are displayed and gives you an exact picture and control of the operations.

Live information – Intelligent interaction – Tighter lines when hauling – avoid line breaches – Increased productivity – More quality fish to market!

Flexible and stable system

The control center is based on PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) technology, and is a compact unit collecting and processing data received from pulse and speed sensors in the setting and hauling units.

Choose your equipment level:


  • Features
  • The cabinet
  • HMI touch display
  • Hauling speed indicator
  • Pressure indicator
  • Hauling speed sensor
  • Hydraulic pressure sensor
  • Heating element with thermal swich


  • Core features, plus
  • Line tension adjustment and control with distribution valve
  • Hauling speed adjustment and control with distribution valve
  • Control panel with setpoint
  • Propotional hydraulic valve (electric)


  1. Plus features, plus
  2. Baiting percentage
  3. Baiting speed
  4. Fish counter
  5. Catch per hook
  6. Estimated hauling time

Different addons available in addition to the different packages:

  • Pressure control with existing distribution valve
  • Extra HMI monitor
  • Extra hauling speed and pressure indicators
  • Joystick or potmeter setpoint adjustment


You may at any time upgrade and get more valuable information from your controller system. Contact us for further information!

Compatible with other hauling systems?

The PLC Control system is tailor made for the Mustad Autoline Systems but may also be compatible with other hydraulic hauling systems. Contact us for further information.