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New "Leinebris" ready for historical fisheries

The world's most modern combination vessel for autoline and nets, "Leinebris", is now ready to face the future with new and unique equipment and technology. Congratulations on the new M/S Leinbris. 

We thank you for the assignment and wish the company and the crew the best of luck!

2015 ms leinebris 

Mustad Autoline is once again chosen by the Owner as the total supplier of all equipment related to catching fish by the use of longline gear.

The vessel is equipped with the most modern Autoline equipment in the world, and the capacity of storing lines and hooks is more than 82 000 hooks, and more than 115 000m of 11,5mm line.

The hauling system is based on the new powerful H3200 hauler, with integrated rotating brush cleaning system “RotoCleaner” for thoroughly cleaning of hooks and line, and a line retriever for constant tension on the line on the sheaves.

The HookSeparator is based on the newest technology with sloped outlet rail to reduce the job for the crew to a minimum, and to secure the possibility for “high speed hauling”.

For storing of the line and hooks we have delivered our new hydraulic operated MP450 – MagPacker, 4 x 17 magazines, with a total of approx. 240m storage magazines.

For baiting and setting of hooks and line we have delivered our modern and top effective SuperBaiter with capacity to bait up to 6 hooks/second.

To control and monitor both the setting and hauling process, we have delivered and installed the MA LineController system. This gives useful information on setting speed, amount of hooks at any time, and maybe most important, the bait percentage.

The LC also control the hauling operation, speed and power on the hauler. The LC prevent overload on the line, and gives a smooth and stabile hauling process, securing maximum recovery of catch.

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